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Welcome To Olaiya Global Resources Ltd.

O.O Olaiya GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED is a firm that is into Building and Civil Engineering Construction works, General Merchandize, establish in 2006. O.O. OLAIYA GLOBAL RESOURCES is a highly reputable company with several years of experience in provision of qualitative services. O.O. OLAIYA GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED has been involved in the execution of a wild range of building and road construction, procurement, haulage, logistics services and projects management of different sizes and complexities in Nigeria. Under the leadership and supervision of Mr. OYEYEMI OLUSOGBO, the company has made significant progress over the years.

OYEYEMI OLUSOGBON’S unwavering dedication to the mission of O.O. OLAIYA GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED has seen several improvements both in the internal and external environments. The company’s commitment is to provide the highest quality services not only through the most knowledge-based method but also cost–effective methods available. This commitment includes placing the highest priority on safety and the environment, which have led us to embrace new technologies that ensure improvements in each of our processes. 

O.O. OLAIYA GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED comprises team of experienced professional that works in collaboration with clientele to deliver personalized service. With our business model, you get the talent without the overhead, assuring you of responsiveness, 
flexibility and results. With many years of experience behind us and through understanding of the facets of the building and road construction processes from development funding, planning to design and construction, we are well equipped to fully understand the needs of our individual  clientele. O.O. OLAIYA GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED assures each client that our ability and performance will meet their needs and expectations.



Our Mission Statement
O.O. OLAIYA GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED will provide complete, high quality construction solutions in safe, adaptive environment to the private and public sectors of the construction industry and make a lasting contribution to our community

O.O. OLAIYA GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED will ensure smooth and effective operational approach to service maintenance and utilization in public, commercial and large residential estates in such a manner that all users have uninterrupted services which enable them to concentrate on their core-activities.

Our success is based upon the following

  • Ensuring that the scheme and all specifications from the specialist consultants remain in consonance with the clients wish and within the limits of the anticipated budgets.
  • Ensuring that the best value for money is achieved by:
  1. Effective coordinate of the entire construction activities on site.
  2. Obtaining the best prices from the manufacturers of equipment and suppliers especially for offshore components.
  3. Maintaining cordial relationships based on trusts and respect with our clientele, sub-contractors, suppliers and specialist consultants.
  • Ensuring that the basis for adequately undue fluctuations and variations are established and maintained through close monitoring.

Our Abilities

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Why Choose Us

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  • Provide Expert Service at a Competitive Price

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